myRollCall Mobile App Update

Collecting one-time AND recurring donations – anywhere, anytime

myRollCall’s mission is to help you – the nonprofits, the alumni associations, the volunteer groups – increase your fundraising while building a strong donor community, one event at a time. We welcome feedback on your biggest pain points so we can better support you. And, we hear you – collecting recurring donations and turning one-time donors into repeats can be a challenge. We can help.

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We often find ourselves talking a lot about fundraising events. While events are a huge part of your fundraising efforts, we want you to be able to provide your donors with additional giving opportunities beyond the event and throughout the year. There’s no reason your fundraising efforts should stop at lights out.

We’ve probably all been in a conversation with loyal or potential donors, or even just a group of friends, talking about all the good and worthwhile efforts your organization is doing for our communities. Folks get excited about what they’re hearing and they want to donate! But what does that follow-through look like? Do you hand them a donor envelope? Do you even have one on you? Do you direct them to a website where they can donate? Do they cut you a check on the spot? Maybe. But more than likely, this excited audience that was willing and eager to give your organization money will forget about the conversation before they have an opportunity to act.

We don’t want you missing out on these opportunities (or those dollars) anymore! The myRollCall app (available for free in the App Store®) now offers organizers the ability to collect both one-time and recurring donations throughout the year, wherever you are. Staff members, board members, lead volunteers, and advocates can now accept donations through our mobile app on the spot. Our new donation feature is independent of event activity, accessible year-round and super easy to use.

Now, signing on new donors and turning existing donors into repeat contributors is literally only a tap away. If you have a credit card swiper on hand, all you need to do is swipe the card and payment is linked to the donor’s profile. And, for those of us who don’t have one handy, you can manually enter the credit card info and, voila! Donation made. It’s really that simple.

We’re all about simplifying, modernizing and monetizing, and are thrilled to offer you this new tool for your fundraising arsenal. We encourage you to share the news with any team members speaking on behalf of your organization and are happy to schedule a demo to show you how the myRollCall app can take your fundraising to the next level.

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Download the myRollCall mobile app for free in the App Store®.