Top 10 Third-Party Events to Support Your Cause

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Are you a volunteer looking to host a fundraiser? Do you work for a nonprofit that wants to tap its most loyal board members and volunteers to host events on its behalf? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 list of third-party fundraising events, ranked based on size to give you an idea of what might work best for your event – from the largest event to the most intimate gathering. What they all have in common is the ease in which you can raise funds through a variety of means – ticket sales, sponsorships, raffle tickets, auctions and even a special appeal or ask for straight-up donations.

So, without further ado (insert the voice of David Letterman), here is myRollCall’s Top 10 Third-party Event Countdown!

#10. Golf Tournament

9 or 18 holes, lunch or dinner, golf carts or walking, this event gives you many opportunities to customize the event based on venue and volunteer help. In addition to the traditional means of fundraising, we suggest selling some mulligans for some added fun.

#9. Seasonal Fashion Show

Garner support from a local retailer or two and/or a local designer or two. This type of event can be a total blast. There is nothing quite like cheering on your friends and family members walking the catwalk (don’t worry, you do not need to build a catwalk – just a wide aisle will suffice). It’s a nice break from the ordinary and gives participants the opportunity to indulge in something they’d otherwise never do.

#8. Dance Hall

Up for two-stepping, line-dancing or discoing for a good cause? This is a ticketed event where you can sell tickets both before and at the door.

#7. Karaoke

Purchase a ticket as a solo artist or group and come in costume to enjoy an evening of laughs and applause as your rock and roll to songs from all your favorite eras.

#6. Bowling

Rain or shine, a bowling alley is a fun time for all. Have individuals or businesses sponsor a lane and let the competition begin.

#5. Wine or Beer Tasting Around the World

This is a ticketed event for people to taste spirits from other countries, states or regional vineyards and breweries. Add a “Wine Pool” or raffle ticket giveaway for added fun.

#4. Holiday Party / End-of-Year Giving

It feels good to give. It feels even better to give around the holidays. Christmas lights, menorahs, food and festivities will guide this party to pure fun and enjoyment. Share your message and make “the ask” early in the evening since your guests may have other parties to attend.

#3. Luncheon

Host a small luncheon at a restaurant for your loyal friends and family and/or loyal donors. This provides an intimate opportunity to share with them the ongoing good work of the nonprofit.

#2. House Game Party

Whether it’s Texas hold ‘em, trivia night or a football watch party, game nights are a great, interactive way to have a lot of fun raising funds.

#1. House Dinner Party

Creating a gathering based on good food and good friends is always a recipe to success. Sharing the story and mission of your supported nonprofit can also bring in some good money. These dinner parties can be anything from a five-course meal for a party of ten to casually grilling burgers on the grill for 30.

Nonprofits have long known that they cannot grow without raising funds, expanding their donor bases, and, of course, the hard work of fabulous volunteers. These dedicated volunteers understand that hosting an event on behalf of a nonprofit allows them to share the message of the organization while raising funds from friends, family, colleagues and partners – all while having FUN!

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